Aims & Objectives

The Federation of the Accommodation Industry of India was specifically formed to unite all the industries, Organisations, Companies and Individuals connected with the Accommodation Industry under its motto - "One Industry One Voice"

The accommodation Industry cannot be monopolised by only builders or estate agents or only property owners. It is a very big Industry and also the mother of all industries.
Therefore the urgent need for a federation to unite all sections of this industry. The federation only seeks to unite but never interfere with the affairs of any association or industry in their internal matter.

The federation is concerned with the future of the Entire Industry and identifies the common goals and objectives beneficial to the accommodation Industry.

The accommodation Industry is the only industry that has 100% Indian Capital, 100% Indian labour and 100% Indian Technical Know-how and caters to man's essential requirement - "Shelter". Food, clothing and shelter are the 3 fundamental needs of man. Ever since Independence, we have received the food revolution, the clothing revolution but we are far from achieving the housing revolution.
In the urban centers of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkatta more than 75% of our population lives in slums and only 20 - 25% live in legitimate Houses. Therefore there is a legitimate need for a housing Revolution.
To achieve a housing revolution, we need to remove all controls on housing and urgently give recognition to the Accommodation Industry as an Industry so that project loans are made available on easy interest rates. Once the Accommodation Industry is recognised as an Industry, then this Industry can embark on a Housing Revolution.
The entire slum population can be targeted and massive re-housing programmes can be embarked upon to provide legitimate and free homes to the slum population. Even the economically weak sections can avail nearly 80% - 90% loans for buying homes on long term repayment facilities!

Scrap Rent Act

Even on rental housing, all controls should be removed. Equitable returns on investment should be the fundamental right of every investor. It is heartening to note that pugree has been legalised hence landlords and tenants in old building should bury the hatchet and share the pugree equally.

Bridging the Communication Gap

The Federation organises regular Monthly Dinner Meetings and invites the heads of various Public Utilities, Ministries and Corporations to address its members.