An Initiatiave of the Property Tax Sub-Committee of The Federation of Accomodation Industry of India.
We are a part of the Federation of Accommodation Industry of India (F.A.I.I.)

F.A.I.I. which is an association uniting under one roof all sections of the Accommodation Industry with the objective - "One Industry, One Voice".

It offers a platform that bridges the communication gap in the Accommodation Industry and keep abreast with the latest developments as regards Stamp Duty, Property Laws, BMC rules and regulations, Property Rates, New Projects, Latest innovations and technologies in Real Estate development and marketing, ammenities, services and all aspects connected with the Industry.

The Federation has been regularly and systematically organizing Monthly dinner Meetings where top stalwarts connected with the Accommodation Industry focus attention on the latest development in each subject. This is followed by a very interesting question and answer session, where Members get an opportunity to clear their doubts.

Here you will find plenty of information regarding the Real Estate Industry including current issues, legal and tax matters and advice from various experts.

Aims & Objectives

The Federation of the Accommodation Industry of India was specifically formed to unite all the industries, Organisations, Companies and Individuals connected with the Accommodation Industry under its motto - "One Industry One Voice"

The accommodation Industry cannot be monopolised by only builders or estate agents or only property owners. It is a very big Industry and also the mother of all industries.
Therefore the urgent need for a federation to unite all sections of this industry. The federation only seeks to unite but never interfere with the affairs of any association or industry in their internal matter.

The federation is concerned with the future of the Entire Industry and identifies the common goals and objectives beneficial to the accommodation Industry.