The FAII was formed ten years back when Shri K. V. Satyamurty, founder Convenor accompanied the MCHI President, Shri Babubhai Majethia, to visit the Exhibition organized by the estate agents Association of India during the tenure of Mr. K. T. Asher who was then the EAAI President.

While speaking at this meeting Shri K. V. Satyamurty proposed the idea of forming Federation to unite all the Accommodation Industry with the sole objective - "One Industry, One Voice".

Accordingly an urgent meeting was called under the banner "Accommodation Industry Co-ordination Committee" and all the members who attended this first meeting were deemed to be Founder Members.

Accordingly the names of the founder Members were as follows :
1.   Mr. K. V. Satyamurty ( Founder Convenor )
2.   Mr. Babubhai Majethis ( MCHI )
3.   Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani (MCHI )
4.   Mr. Bharat Gupta ( Property Owners Assn.)
5.   Mr. P. M. Bhatia (Builders Assn. Of India )
6.   Mrs. Freny Bunsha ( EAAI )
7.   Mr. Samuel Gabriel ( EAAI )
8.   Mr. K. T. Asher ( President EAAI )
9.   Mr. Murari Chaturvedi ( Editor accommodation times )
10.   Mr. Amit Vasa ( EAAI )
11.   Mr. Jaswant Mehta ( MCHI )
12.   Mr. Vishnu Sheth Kabali ( Property Owners Assn.)
The Chairman of Legal Committee, Mr. Bharat Gupta, registered the FAII in record time and accordingly the FAII was formed.

The Federation has not looked back ever since its formation. It's sole objective is to bridge the communication gap in our industry and keep abreast with the latest developments in stamp duty, Rent Act, Ownership flat Act, Law & Order, BMC rules and regulation, Urban Land Ceiling Laws and almost all aspects connected with our Industry.

Slowly but surely the Federation has gained strength and the list of luminaries who have addressed our federation is a grand VIP list and envy of all other associations connected with the Accommodation Industry.

The federation strongly feels that the Accommodation Industry can cement its bonds between Builders, Estate Agents, Property Owners, Building Contractors, Architects, Lawyers and all sections connected with our India. We firmly Believe "United We Stand Divided We Fall".

The Federation has helped immensely to reduce Stamp Duty, Remove needless hurdles in the BMC, simplify Land Ceiling Rules & Regulations and give Dignity and Decorum to our Industry.

The Federation wants unity in diversity within the Accommodation Industry for progress and prosperity for all sections and Associations connected with the Accommodation Industry.