Becoming a Member

The Federation of the Accommodation industry of India has been formed and registered as a representative forum for the Accommodation industry.

Almost all the Professional Bodies connected with the Accommodation Industry are our Members. We have a galaxy of the industry on our Panel of Invitees.

We hold Monthly Dinner meetings regularly at 'Hotel Diplomat', Colaba, where leading dignitaries connected with the Government, Income Tax, Stamp Duty, Internet, NRI Groups, Chambers of Commerce & Affiliated Organization are invited for Active Interaction & Information updates at all levels.

We have 4 Categories of Members :
1. Our Patrons are designated as Royal Corporate Members.
2. Member Associations are designated as Affiliated Associations.
3. Corporates are designated as Corporates Members.
4. Single Members are designated as Associate Members.

The Membership Fees are as follows :
Royal Corporate Members         : Rs. 10,000 /-    Per Annum
Associate Members : Rs. 1,000 /-     Per Annum
Entrance fee : Rs. 5,000 /-      

You are welcome to opt for any of the Memberships offered by us. One year is accounted from the date of joining.

Please send your Annual Fees together with your entrance fee, amounting to either Rs. 6,000/- or Rs. 11,000/- in favour of : -


Kindly note that we accept Cross & A/c payee cheques only. 

You could enroll via the online membership form which is linked at the membership page however the annual fees cheque should be send to us via courier.


Correspondence Address:

105, dalamal Towers,
211, Free Press Journal Marg,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021

Tel: 022 - 2287 1183 / 99878 78880
Fax: 022 - 2285 5234