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Philip Schwartz | Schwartz-White Attorneys at Law-5 Star Rated- First Class Lawyer

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
1888PressRelease – Philip Schwartz is one of if not the highest rated civil lawyers in Palm Beach County. Practicing law in Florida for 30 years. Philip is very aggressive, intelligent and never late. He is a winner. When he is asked by his clients “what he specializes in”? His response is “WINNING”!!!! He strives to achieve the best possible results for each client based upon their specific needs.
New York, NY – Individuals and families generally come to Philip Schwartz at pivotal moments in their lives. They’re often worried, angry, distraught, or grieving. They may be facing divorce, fighting with their child’s other parent, fearful of losing hard-earned assets, or dealing with the illness or incapacity of a loved one. Phil is a master at assuaging anxiety, solving problems, and putting our clients at ease, confident we will communicate and protect their interests. As your Boca Raton divorce lawyer, Phil sets his sights on the best possible outcome in your case and work tirelessly to provide it. When the dust settles, our goal is for you to be satisfied, optimistic, and prepared for whatever life holds in store.
Philip recognizes that simply walking through our doors is an act of courage, as often the first step toward change or confrontation is the hardest one. His services, combined with our depth of experience in family law and business, can support life’s biggest transitions. Regardless of the situation you’re in—if it’s causing you stress or hardship—Phil believes it’s best for you to fully understand how the law applies to you, how he can help, and then go from there. So, give Phil Schwartz a call or contact him online to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyer who will understand your needs and concerns. Tell your story, learn about your options, and return to your life with peace of mind, knowing you have strong legal support on your side. Philip’s Boca Raton office serves clients throughout Palm Beach County, contact him. He really cares.
Phil Schwartz long-term reputation in the Boca Raton legal community for delivering the highest level of service and optimal results. He does this through confident, high-quality, and (when necessary) aggressive legal representation.
Advice and guidance through divorce or separationAggressive representation in contested or complex divorce mattersExpertise in negotiating, drafting, or reviewing business transactionsHigh-quality representation in civil litigationWhatever your legal needs, we’re here to help. With decades of experience representing individuals and families from every income bracket.

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Al Rowaad Is Available Around The Clock 24/7

Monday, July 24th, 2017

1888PressRelease – With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants was established in 2003.

Al Rowaad Advocates is also pleased to announce it is now even easier to access our team of legal experts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at any time. We understand that legal emergencies can happen at any moment, so we have created two round-the-clock services through which you can reach us.

You can seek legal assistance through our 24/7 phone line, on +971 4 325 4000, or send a message to the company’s Whatsapp account on +971 50 5248005.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice whenever the need arises.

With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants was established in 2003.

We have a team of more than 41 staff specializing in a range of different areas of law, with strengths in labour law, corporate and commercial law, banking law, maritime and transport law, litigation and arbitration, and real estate law.

We are exclusive members of the global alliance of independent law firms, TAGlaw. As part of the TAGLaw members, we ensure the criterions of quality, reliability and excellence in all aspects with an unfailing standard of competence and we can provide our clients with ideal access to approximately 17,000 professionals in 280 member firms, and 590 offices in over 100 countries, as the TAG Alliances assist and serve tens of thousands of clients from all industry and commercial sectors.

- Client base of more than 16,083+
- Official law firm of the Consulate of France

“OUR MISSION: to address the array of legal challenges companies and individuals may encounter in achieving their business and personal goals. Our commitment has brought together local experience and international service standards. We are dedicated to provide the highest level of legal services to meet our client’s needs and ensure a timely, transparent and successful litigation process.”


Advocacy and Legal Consultancy of the Year 2016 from the Lawyer International – Legal 100 M&A Today


Al Rowaad Advocates is proud to share with its network of clients and partners its success in being named the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy of the Year 2016 by a recent panel of international judges.

The title was announced during the M&A Today Awards, global awards hosted by monthly international mergers and acquisitions magazine M&A Today in recognition of the top professional service providers around the world. The rigorous selection process takes in votes from more than 160 countries.

We believe this honour is further confirmation of our status as one of the leading law firms in the region, thanks to our team of dedicated staff in our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We would like to take the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to all of our valued clients as we strive for continued success into the future.

Full Service – Law Firm of the Year 2017 in the UAE


The team at Al Rowaad Advocates would like to extend its gratitude for the ongoing support of all of our clients and partners after we were named UAE Law Firm of the Year 2017 at the Global Law Experts Awards.

The international awards, which have been hosted since 2010, use a rigorous voting process that incorporates global votes from users of the Global Law Experts website and their in-house research team.

We believe this latest honour is a further reflection of our status as one of the leading law firms in the region across a range of legal disciplines. Al Rowaad Advocates is committed to continuing to provide the best standards of service and we look forward to continuing success as we work on behalf of our valued clients.

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Unsung Heroes Awarded for Serving the Community

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

1888PressRelease – ABC News partners with George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers to honor those who made a difference.

Charleston-North Charleston, SC – The Jefferson Awards honor unsung heroes in the community, who spot a need and then make a difference – without any expectation of fame or wealth. The Award is a high civil honor founded in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Samuel Beard and Senator Robert Taft. Recipients of the national award include Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, astronaut John Glenn and many others. At the local level, we are proud to say that Charleston, South Carolina has a group of extraordinary volunteers who make South Carolina a better place to be.

George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers is proud to partner with ABC News 4 to celebrate those who have done so much to help South Carolina and the nation with their service. With these news broadcasts and awards, they hope to bring more good news to the world and help inspire more charitable acts.

What have they done to win a Jefferson Award?:
- An 11-year-old boy helped feed 21,000 hungry children after creating I Heart Hungry Kids;
- Bringing truckloads of water to those in Flint, Michigan, whose water has been poisoned by lead
- Combatting Veteran PTSD with an innovative treatment – Surfing, The Warrior Surf Foundation
- Creating Fresh Future Farms, organization that provides jobs and affordable, organic, and healthy food, inspiring hundreds of new community gardens
- A staffing company that helps people work their way out of difficulty and homelessness, “In Every Story Staffing,”
- Don and Isabelle Oswald, a couple who brings music and ministry to senior citizens; and
- Alana Simmons, who started the Hate Won’t Win movement after the horrific Emanuel 9 shooting in downtown Charleston, SC

The National Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC, will be held on Friday, June 23rd, where many unsung heroes from across the nation will be recognized for their contributions to the community. Since the start of the program, the Jefferson Awards have identified and honored more than 50,000 people with outstanding and selfless public service. It is one of the country’s longest standing and most prestigious awards.

More details, video and photos are available at the George Sink, P.A. Personal Injury Lawyers website –

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Chinese language website of Dubai’s award-winning Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants launched

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

1888 Press Release – Dubai – Top UAE legal firm Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants is excited to announce to its existing and prospective clients that a new Chinese language version of its expansive and informative website has been launched.

Award-winning firm’s (company) leader Mr. Hassan Elhais says the move is in recognition of the legal needs of the growing number of Chinese citizens residing in the UAE.

“The number of Chinese nationals who live in the UAE has been steadily growing and the population now accounts for a significant portion of the total number of residents.

“As one of the country’s elite law firms, Al Rowaad Advocates conducts a lot of its work for international clients and across multiple jurisdictions; in fact, 98 percent of our clients are expatriate. While we already offered versions of our website in English, Arabic, Russian and French, we are delighted to be able to extend the numerous resources on our extensive website to a new linguistic group.”

Citing embassy figures, BQ magazine estimated there were 200,000 Chinese nationals living in the UAE in 2015 – a total that is almost double the number of British citizens. Officials also tallied 450,000 Chinese visitors entering the country in the same year.

Mr Elhais says for those in need of legal expertise, where matters can be of extreme sensitivity, it is vital clients can access information in the language that they are most conversant with.

With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants was established in 2003.

We have a team of more than 20 staff specializing in a range of different areas of law, with strengths in labour law, corporate and commercial law, banking law, maritime and transport law, litigation and arbitration, and real estate law. Our staff speak a combined 8 different languages and we have clients from across the breadth of the globe.

We are exclusive members of the global alliance of independent law firms, TAGlaw. As a TAGLaw member, we ensure the criterions of quality, reliability, and excellence in all aspects with an unfailing standard of competence. Through the TAG Alliance, we can provide our clients with unparalleled access to approximately 17,000 professionals in 280 member firms, and 590 offices in over 100 countries.

Al Rowaad Avocates & Legal Associates are:

- The official law firm of the Consulate of France
- Winners of the Professional Sector Network Legal Consultant of the Year 2016 award
- Winners of Acquisition International’s UAE Leading Adviser of the Year 2016 award
- Have a client base of more than 12,000

“OUR MISSION: to address the array of legal challenges companies and individuals may encounter in achieving their business and personal goals. Our commitment has brought together local experience and international service standards. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of legal services to meet our clients needs and ensure a timely, transparent and successful litigation process.” – Mrs. Awatif Khouri

“The legal process can be, at times, an overwhelming one – particularly in a foreign country and foreign language. We have a number of staff members who are fluent in Mandarin and we are able to provide an exceptional legal service to clients with such requirements.”

Almost full content of the existing expansive website, which features a suite of articles on all areas of the firm’s legal expertise – including Arbitration, Banking, Business Civil, Criminal, Family, Inheritance, Maritime and Property laws – will be available to the firm’s Chinese-speaking clients. The website will be published in Mandarin, the primary language spoken in China. There are almost 1 billion native Mandarin speakers around the world.

Mr. Elhais says his firm is able to provide legal services for Chinese nationals both inside and outside of the country, particularly in the area of business law.

“Our firm has advised many of the top companies in the UAE on regulatory business matters and has years of institutional knowledge about how to set up and operate a successful business inside the country.”

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Top Orange California Personal Injury Lawyer Announcing New Office Location and Free Case Evaluations For New Auto Accident Injury Victims

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

1888PressRelease – Important news for Orange County California individuals and families who need to know how to proceed from a legal standpoint following a personal injury car accident. This announcement provides critical information on how to obtain legal advice from a new local Orange law firm after a traffic collision injury scenario.

Orange County, CA – Residents who have recently been injured in a car accident located within Orange, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Tustin, Garden Grove, Yorba Linda, Fountain Valley, Orange County California, now have an additional law firm option. The Napolin Law Firm of top personal injury attorneys have opened an local law office and offer free car accident case evaluations in Orange.

A major Traffic Collision Attorney Group just announced a new Orange office and is accepting new innocent clients. Recent automobile accident victims have the opportunity to consult one on one with a trial lawyer when they call the Napolin attorneys. Retaining the top car accident attorney often means the difference between a good vs. bad claim outcome. Fortunately, by enlisting the help of car injury lawyer Alexander Napolin, victims can trust that their case is being competently prosecuted so that they focus on recovery. –

Discover How to Proceed Following a Car Accident Around Orange County California – Auto crash victims should know that a lot can be gained from seeking early legal advice from a local attorneys office. They may have a significant amount of rights that they do not even know how to pursue. When a person is injured in car accident, they may have a lawsuit against the negligent party for economic and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Early lawyer advice and representation can protect and maximize such valuable rights.

What a person chooses to do and not to do in the minutes and days following a truck, bus or auto accident generally will have a significant impact on the entirety of the claim and lawsuit. Doing the wrong things can destroy a case forever or hinder money recovery despite the potential claim strength. Doing the right things can safeguard one’s health and preserve lawsuit integrity even in the face of potential claim weakness. When an accident injury strikes, it is of absolute important to first seek emergency medical treatment by calling 911. Not only will this help ensure an EMT or paramedic will dispatch to provide needed emergency care, it can also transport people to the hospital for further evaluation. In addition, it will document the seriousness of the situation and bring out the police to take a full report. Knowledgeable car collision lawyers at The Napolin law Firm understand the insurance claims and litigation process and know that having things well documented can make or break any case despite how clear things may seem to the injury victim.

Once emergency services are procured, responding family members or the victim themselves should document the scene by taking photographs of car damage, collecting witness statements, and taking down all of the negligent driver’s information. Do not let these things get away! They can make or break a winning claim! Once this is completed, seek immediate personal injury attorney advice with a free case evaluation to learn the next steps. Do not delay! Even if you feel only a little hurt it is best to seek treatment with a family physician, chiropractor or urgent care to document discomfort should whiplash symptoms begin to crop up over time. A minor ache at first could mean a serious and unknown injury that is best to document sooner rather than later.

Rear-End Collision Victims Still Need An Attorney After A Car Accident – Many feel that clear-cut accident circumstances such as rear-end collisions do not require the need for professional legal services. They believe that the other person’s insurance will pay for everything just because liability (known as fault) is clear. Wrong! Sometimes seemingly clear cases are later denied without explanation or are disputed on the basis that the person “could not have gotten hurt in the crash.” Do not allow a seemingly simple set of circumstances lull you into the comfort of believing that you are going to be okay without an attorney. If you are hurt, seek a discussion with a Napolin trial lawyer in the new Orange office. Learn your rights and how to protect them, for free! –

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Orange California Law Firm Announcing Free Case Evaluations For New Personal Injury Car Accident Injury Lawsuit Claim Victims

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

1888PressRelease – Important news for Orange County California family members who need help after a car accident that results in property damage, bodily injury or wrongful death. The article that follows details the extra help offered by attorney information and guidance offered to those who are in need of legal facts after a car accident.

Orange County, CA – People who have recently been injured in auto accidents residing in Orange, Santa Ana, Aneheim, Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Yorba Linda, Tustin and Fullerton, and other surrounding nearby cities in Ornage County California should seek the protection of a new offer from the top car accident lawyer in Orange.

The Orange Car Accident Law Firm just announced that the attorneys will offer completely free initial case evaluations and are accepting new clients in Orange County California. Obtaining early advice directly from the best car accident lawyer often changes the amount of compensation obtained later in a car accident settlement. Not obtaining powerful representation could leave the accident victim getting nothing at all for their injuries and pain and suffering. Fortunately, the help of Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. in their corner can turn the tables in favor o the plaintiff. Newly represented clients leave the initial interview resting easy knowing that the yhave the best Orange law firm protecting their rights and prosecuting their lawsuit in Orange County California –

Discover what to do Following an Auto Accident in Orange California – Laws are in place to protect victims of car accidents following a car crash they they did not cause. These rights include the right to file a lawsuit against the driver or person who caused the accidenti in the first place. Automobile liability insurance is also mandatory in California, so many will have the option of first filing a personal injury insurance claim and purusing a settlement via that route.

The actions that one takes following the moments after a car or truck crash often significnalt change the posture of a personal injury insurance claim. The Napolin Law Firm highly recommends that anyone who falls victim to a car accident follow a specific set of steps in order to protect their rights, preserve claim value and safeguard their well-being and health. If there is a life threatening health condition or injury, the police and paramedic should be called ASAP for emergency medical attention. Calling 911 and explaining that an ambulance is necessary should suffice to get them to the scene. In addition, police write official reports that can identify witnesses and take down statements. Experienced car crash attorneys at The Napolin Law Firm Orange County know that the insurance claim posture will be much easier for the claimant with police report that docuemnts the situation.

It is also imperative that drivers and passengers document the scene of the accident. Leaving everything up to a police officer could prove detrimental because they don’t always take down all the details. Obtain the other parties insurance registration and license information. Take pictures of alll of their documentation. Then take pictures of the car damages. If you are too injured, make sure a family member arrives at the scene of the car wreck to help. Finally, since some injuries take time to crop up, it is important to seek medical attention immediately if anything is remotely suspected. Whiplash injury may not appear for hours and sometimes won’t appear for days. Do not get caught telling an insurance carrier that you are not injured if its possible that injuries may arise later. The adjuster uses that recorded statement against you forever..

Do Injury Victims Need an Attorney After a Car Accident – Not everyone seeks an attorney for a car accident. It is completely allowed to represent oneself on an insurance claim and in a court of law by the filing of a formal complaint and lawsuit. However, without proper legal advocacy in the claims and lawsuit proecess, it is unlikely that much money will be obtained by settlement or award. Attorneys know how the insurance carrier operates and have the resources and legal know-how to fight back against their deep pockets and teams of lawyers. Personal injury law is a quite complex for someone who hasn’t received professional training and practiced for a number of years litigating cases. Due to this fact, those injured in Car Accidents in Orange County California are encouraged to seek help from The Napolin Law Firm team in their corner fighting for their rights. Delaying can cause major issues for a case. Get attorney advice for free now! Call or visit today to take advantage of a free, no obligation case evaluation. –

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Lieb & Lieb’s Family Law Practice Area Offers Clients Sensitive and Skilled Representation

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

1888PressRelease – Lieb & Lieb’s 30-year tradition of providing personalized attention at reasonable costs extends to family law matters.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Today, having one law firm that can represent an individual in any legal matter can give clients the comfort and security of knowing they will receive quality legal advice every time. The San Diego law firm of Lieb & Lieb offers a solution by providing expertise in multiple practice areas, including family law.

“We know how difficult family law issues can be for individuals,” explained Jack Lieb, a partner at the firm. “That’s why we bring the uniquely personalized approach we’ve become known for to these difficult legal challenges. With our sensitivity, knowledge and experience, we help clients understand their rights, responsibilities and options so they can make the best decisions based on their situations.”

Lieb & Lieb represents clients seeking effective solutions to a wide range of complex family law matters, including:

- Divorce, separation and annulment: Lieb & Lieb will successfully resolve the end of relationships so clients can start on their futures.

- Child support and spousal support (alimony): Whether an individual is seeking a support judgment or opposing one, Lieb & Lieb will help the client understand the types of financial support that can be awarded.

- Custody, visitation and relocation: Lieb & Lieb’s attorneys work to create a plan that works for everyone involved, especially the minors.

- Prenuptial agreements: Lieb & Lieb can craft sound agreements to protect clients’ assets in the event of dissolution or divorce.

- Paternity: The firm can help establish custodial rights of fathers for children born to unwed parents.

- Modification and termination of support: Using the firm’s lawyers team combined with accountants, appraisers and a number of other professionals, modifications and terminations of support can be negotiated.

- Restraining orders for domestic violence and non-DV: When needed to provide physical and mental wellbeing for client, the firm will help obtain restraining orders.

- Domestic partnership and same sex marriage: The firm is well versed in helping same sex couples so that they receive the benefits and legal recognition needed.

- Uncontested divorces: Even in the most civil divorces, an attorney can help make the process run smoothly.

- Mediation: During mediation proceedings, the attorneys will ensure that the client’s best interests are represented and that the facts are presented fairly and accurately.

Lieb & Lieb consists of Jack Lieb, who has been practicing law in California since 1993, specializing in real estate, business, construction, personal injury, corporate and contracts, and Richard Fahey, a Massachusetts native who worked as a counselor before relocating to San Diego in 1989 and becoming a member of the State Bar of California.

“Combining our legal and counseling backgrounds, we’re able to deliver compassionate advice backed by skilled representation to clients at times when they need it most,” said Richard Fahey, a partner at Lieb & Lieb.

To schedule a free half-hour consultation, call (619) 265-1811.

About Lieb & Lieb – Lieb & Lieb represents individuals and businesses in the areas of real estate, business law, personal injury, family law, civil litigation, construction law, corporate law and small claims. The firm has earned a reputation for delivering quality, personalized representation for reasonable fees – and a loyal base of long-term clients as a result. A refreshing alternative to larger firms, Lieb & Lieb aims to resolve disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible, litigating cases only when no better alternative exists. To learn more, visit, email info ( @ ) lieblaw dot com or call (619) 265-1811.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

1888 Press Release – Citizens decry the “pot shop” system and lack of parental consent; Cite state dispensaries as better alternative to help the sick and protect children.

Naples-Marco Island, FL  – Families against Florida’s proposed constitutional amendment on marijuana plan to demonstrate at the corner of Golden Gate Pkwy and Goodlette Rd. in Naples, Florida on Thursday, September 4th at 4pm.

The rally is being sponsored by VoteNoOn2-Collier, a grassroots organization formed to educate voters about how the loopholes in Amendment 2 will lead to full legalization and unregulated pot shops throughout Florida, as seen in other states.

“If Amendment 2 passes, voters will have buyers’ remorse. It is not about helping the sick; it is about money, big business and doping our kids,” said Veora Little, VoteNoOn2-Collier Chair. “If Amendment 2 passes, Florida will have the most liberal medical pot law in the country. And the worst part is it will be a permanent change to our state constitution. That is why we are taking to the streets with our message.”

“There is no need for Amendment 2 as medical marijuana via state dispensaries was recently approved by the legislature and governor,” noted Little, who is a retired registered nurse anesthetist, “And marijuana extracts like Marinol, used to stimulate appetite and control nausea in cancer and HIV patients, are already available in Florida’s pharmacies.”

“Unlike the state dispensaries which are regulated and limited in number, Amendment 2 creates an uncontrollable number of pot dealers who can set up shop anywhere, even near schools,” says Little. “That is a far cry from what the voters think they are getting.”

“People are under the impression the marijuana t will just be for the very ill and that it goes through the pharmacy system. But there is no prescription required, only a recommendation. There is no age limit; kids can obtain pot. The words ‘other conditions’ mean pot for any reason, as we have witnessed in other states.” A recommendation, noted Little, entitles a person to an endless supply of marijuana and allows pot dealers to sell “edibles,” such as pot-infused candy, which have poisoned children in other states.

“So far, the voters have only heard one side of this debate as we are outgunned by the big marijuana lobbyists who have hit voters with a tsunami of misinformation. So we have to go directly to the people with this rally,” said Little.

“The pot industry is manipulating people’s compassion to trick them into full legalization,” said Little, “We have compassion for the suffering and want all medicines available to them, but we have to do it in a way that also has compassion for our children and preserves the family-friendly environment of our Florida communities.”

Contact: Veora Little, 239-450-2883; veoralittle ( @ ) gmail dot com

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International Tax and Estate Planning Law Firm of Cantor & Webb Shortlisted Among Finalists to Win Two Prestigious Industry Awards

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

1888PressRelease – Cantor & Webb have been shortlisted for two highly desired industry accolades recognizing the “best of breed” in the private client industry for their demonstrated innovation and excellence during the 2013 year.

Miami, Florida – Miami based international tax planning boutique law firm of Cantor & Webb ( has been shortlisted among the best private client practices in the country both as the prestigious Private Asset Management Magazine (PAM) Best Law Firm of the Year – Private Client Category Award for a second consecutive year, and as the inaugural Family Wealth Report Awards – Effective Legal Team Award.

“We are honored to have been selected for these prestigious industry recognitions and we look forward to attending both award ceremonies in the upcoming months”, commented Managing Partner Steven L. Cantor.

Now in their fourth year, the PAM awards have become a very highly desired industry accolade. The five finalists will be judged by an independent panel of wealth industry experts and the winner will be announced on February 24, 2014 at a black-tie awards ceremony in New York at 583 Park Avenue.

Showcasing the “best of breed” providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisors communities, the Family Wealth Report awards were designated to recognize companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have “demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2013″. Winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner which will be held in New York on March 13, 2014 at The Metropolitan Club.

ClearView Financial Media’s Managing Director, and Publisher of Family Wealth Report, Stephen Harris, said: “These awards will recognize the very best operators in the private client industry, with ‘independence’, ‘integrity’, and ‘genuine insight’ the watchwords of the judging process.”

These recent distinctions highlight Cantor & Webb’s strong leadership in tax and estate planning for high net worth international private clients. The firm is proud of these distinctions as a testament to its dedication in providing world-class service to its clients and continued commitment to the private client profession.

Cantor & Webb was recently awarded the highest ranking possible (Tier 1) by U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers in the area of Tax Law and ranked in Chambers Global 2013 – International Private Client Category. The firm was also shortlisted by the London, England based Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (“STEP”) as the Private Client Team of North America 2013 and by Private Asset Management Awards (“PAM”) as the Best Law Firm of the Year in 2013 in the Private Client Category. All Cantor & Webb partners were listed in the prestigious Citywealth Leaders List in 2013 and the firm was recognized as a finalist by the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2013 for the International Law Firm of the Year award.

For additional information please visit, or contact Cantor & Webb at (305) 374-3886.

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Law Firm Offers Bumper Stickers For Public Safety

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
1888 PressRelease – Alvin Wolff Jr. and Associates have rolled out their new campaign for public safety by offering free bumper stickers with public safety messages.
St. Louis, MO-IL – Bumper stickers that say dnt txt n drv, watch for motorcycles, brake for bicycles and sht up n drv are offered by the offices of Alvin Wolff Jr. and Associates with the hopes that public awareness will increase and this will cause a reduction in accidents where cell phones are involved.
Wolff says that: “fully 25% of our cases coming in involve the use of cell phones”.
If people get the message, these needless tragedies will be reduced because people will return to the business of driving rather than talking or texting while operating a machine that weighs thousand of pounds.
“It’s time for the mayhem on the roads to stop”, say Wolff a lawyer who has been in practice for 35 years.
These messages are available free of charge and can be obtained by contacting Alvin Wolff through his website at
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