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Philip Schwartz | Schwartz-White Attorneys at Law-5 Star Rated- First Class Lawyer

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
1888PressRelease – Philip Schwartz is one of if not the highest rated civil lawyers in Palm Beach County. Practicing law in Florida for 30 years. Philip is very aggressive, intelligent and never late. He is a winner. When he is asked by his clients “what he specializes in”? His response is “WINNING”!!!! He strives to achieve the best possible results for each client based upon their specific needs.
New York, NY – Individuals and families generally come to Philip Schwartz at pivotal moments in their lives. They’re often worried, angry, distraught, or grieving. They may be facing divorce, fighting with their child’s other parent, fearful of losing hard-earned assets, or dealing with the illness or incapacity of a loved one. Phil is a master at assuaging anxiety, solving problems, and putting our clients at ease, confident we will communicate and protect their interests. As your Boca Raton divorce lawyer, Phil sets his sights on the best possible outcome in your case and work tirelessly to provide it. When the dust settles, our goal is for you to be satisfied, optimistic, and prepared for whatever life holds in store.
Philip recognizes that simply walking through our doors is an act of courage, as often the first step toward change or confrontation is the hardest one. His services, combined with our depth of experience in family law and business, can support life’s biggest transitions. Regardless of the situation you’re in—if it’s causing you stress or hardship—Phil believes it’s best for you to fully understand how the law applies to you, how he can help, and then go from there. So, give Phil Schwartz a call or contact him online to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Boca Raton divorce lawyer who will understand your needs and concerns. Tell your story, learn about your options, and return to your life with peace of mind, knowing you have strong legal support on your side. Philip’s Boca Raton office serves clients throughout Palm Beach County, contact him. He really cares.
Phil Schwartz long-term reputation in the Boca Raton legal community for delivering the highest level of service and optimal results. He does this through confident, high-quality, and (when necessary) aggressive legal representation.
Advice and guidance through divorce or separationAggressive representation in contested or complex divorce mattersExpertise in negotiating, drafting, or reviewing business transactionsHigh-quality representation in civil litigationWhatever your legal needs, we’re here to help. With decades of experience representing individuals and families from every income bracket.

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Mason Baxter: Euro Banks to Allocate More Funds to Cover Bad Debt

Monday, October 9th, 2017

1888PressRelease – Mason Baxter: ECB to come up with new strategies to tackle existing bad debt in Europe.

As of 2018, the European Central Bank will request that euro zone financial institutions allocate more funds to cover bad debt.

Analysts at Shanghai, China based investment house, Mason Baxter say that the ECB may propose the introduction of further measures aimed at tackling the banking sector’s significant quantity of bad debt.

Bad loans are negatively affecting bank balance sheets and lending is suffering as a result. Weak credit growth presents an issue for the European Central Bank as it counterbalances the stimulus offered through decreased interest rates and its quantitative easing program.

Beginning next year, financial institutions will have no more than 2 years to allocate cash to cover all newly classified unsecured bad debt and seven years to cover all secured bad debt.

The European Central Bank Banking Supervision recently announced that, by the end of 2018’s first quarter, it will reveal its proposal of additional strategies to tackle the existing stock of non-performing loans.

Banks are currently holding around 1 trillion euros in bad loans, much of which can be attributed to Europe’s ongoing debt crisis. Lenders in countries like Spain, Greece and Italy have carried the heaviest burden in this regard.

Their dilemma is that Europe does not have an efficient market for non-performing loans. The sale of bad loans would mean significant losses and would make it necessary for banks to raise capital, a difficult task thanks to low bank valuations.

Mason Baxter welcomed news that the European Central Bank will conduct public consultations regarding the new strategies until December 8, 2017.

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Benjamin, Chaise & Associates Reviews Best Charity’s For Hurricane Harvey’s Victims

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

1888 Press Release – Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread, catastrophic flooding and damage in Texas and along the Gulf Coast in recent days and is in recovery mode to rebuild at this point.

Now, first responders, volunteers, and aid workers are helping the victims restore their lives. Join us Benjamin, Chaise & Associates by donating to help the unfortunate people that have had their lives turned upside down. There are many great charities to review here below where you can donate to help provide relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, money, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.

American Red Cross

The Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Texas Diaper Bank

Best Friends Animal Society

Lone Star Legal Aid

Houston Humane Society

United Way of Greater Houston

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Leading Source of Market Intelligence on Business Technology Usage in the Latin American Region Announce Major Enhancements to Database

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

1888 PressRelease – The TUDLA (Technology User Database Latin America) database now includes more than 1 million business sites in 44 countries and offers additional features.

SAN DIEGO, ─ Gaining market intelligence about business technology usage in Latin America has been a challenge for businesses that TUDLA (Technology User Database Latin America) has been helping to conquer since 1999. Today, the company announced significant enhancements to their Latin American region (LATAM) database, features and services.

The database now has more than 1 million business sites spanning 44 Latin American countries and the Caribbean.

The system’s free-to-use, interactive Tableau dashboards provide market intelligence such as business location(s); which industry they are in; number of employees; revenue; and types of information and communication technology being used by these businesses.

Users can dig deeper to discover characteristics of their own customers or the customers of competitors. They can even learn how many potential new customers are there in the LATAM region for them and where these customers are located.

Via the TUDLA-Live! Panel, the company has phone verified more than 70,000 locations and gathered important information such as key contacts in information technology (IT) and line of business decision makers. LATAM businesses even confirm their technology buying plans during this process (TUDLA calls these HotLeads).

TUDLA Founder and CEO Gary Gorton commented, “What a great time in our company history. After almost 20 years of assisting IBM and Microsoft and many others with our phone research data, we are so excited to merge our world with the rest of the LATAM Region. We have become a supplier of the most significant small, medium and large enterprise opportunities in the LATAM Region.”

The newly enhanced database can be found at Users are encouraged to browse the database and contact TUDLA for more information.

About TUDLA (Technology User Database Latin America):
Founded in 1999 by Gary Gorton, TUDLA is the world’s leading source of market intelligence specializing in technology usage by companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Marketing and sales professionals in the technology industry rely on TUDLA to support their strategies for entry or expansion into the Latin American market. The TUDLA database contains over 1 million business sites across the region with basic firmographics information; many of which also have information on technology presence.TUDLA is a TUDCO (Technology User Databases, Inc.) company.

To learn more, visit

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Desoutter Industrial Tools Opens New North American Headquarters

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

1888PressRelease – The new North American Headquarters demonstrates the innovative solutions Desoutter continues to bring to the industrial assembly market in the age of Industry 4.0.

Charleston-North Charleston, SC – Desoutter Industrial Tools, supplier of electric and pneumatic industrial tool solutions, held the grand opening of their new North American Headquarters on June 28th, 2017.

The new headquarters is down the road from their prior, smaller location, and houses the North American headquartered management team, customer service, product repair, field service, customized solutions project team, marketing team, a smart factory lab of interactive product displays, and a training facility.

Attendees had a chance to tour the new facility, which includes an impressive new showroom. The new show room displays Desoutter’s wide range of tools in their main market segments, including, motor vehicles, motor vehicle tiers, aerospace, aerospace tiers, power equipment (large high torque applications), general assemble, and customized solutions (multi spindle and zero gravity arm).

Of notice to attendees was the PivotWare product line, Desoutter’s intuitive human-machine process control platform that guides operators through a specific set of assembly tasks as part of an automated process. The platform includes a graphical and textual display that shows them exactly which tools to use, what components to apply, and where to fix them. PivotWare verifies that each step has been completed correctly before allowing the operator to move to the next step. The platform is programmable by the customer using software tools provided; therefore any changes in production requirements do not require specialist involvement.

“Our concentration when designing the new showroom was to display our commitment to Industry 4.0 with all of our smart tools and features,” stated Doug Versele, Marketing Manager for Desoutter Industrial Tools. He continued “our highly interactive product displays focus on wireless tools and communications for traceability and process control to support flexible assembly processes, but also demonstrate our full range of capabilities, including customized solutions and process control software”. As the industry moves towards smarter more connected tools and controllers, Desoutter wanted to display the possibilities in their showroom. Connecting tools and controllers increases productivity on the factory floor and allows for easy automation of the assembly process.
The rise of automation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 ‘intelligent’ tools is helping Desoutter create solutions to customer requirements, particularly in the high tech sectors like the automotive and aerospace industries.

Recap video of the grand opening:

For more information about the company and its assembly solutions, or to locate your nearest distributor, visit

About Desoutter Industrial Tools:
Founded in 1914 and headquartered in France, Desoutter Industrial Tools is a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations, including Aerospace, Passenger, Commercial, and Recreational Vehicles, Military Transportation, Construction and Agricultural Equipment, Power Equipment, Light Assembly, and General Industry. Desoutter offers a comprehensive range of Solutions (tools, service and projects) to meet the specific demands of local and global customers in over 170 countries. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative quality industrial tool solutions, including air and electric Screwdrivers, Advanced Assembly Tools, Advance Drilling Units, Torque Measurement Systems, and Process Control Solutions.

Find more on

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Ex-Amazonians launch E-Commerce Marketing & Analytics Platform –

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

1888 Press Release – is the first of its kind Marketing platform for eCommerce businesses, backed entirely by artificial intelligence-driven advanced automation technology. has maintained a record 10X better acquisition and retention marketing for its 230 online marketers across the globe.

Sokrati announces the launch of a new business unit – – an E-Commerce marketing & analytics platform. It’s an AI-led platform for Retailers & E-Commerce Marketplaces globally that converges acquisition & retention marketing along with data-led applications on a single platform.

Sokrati, formed by ex-Amazonians in 2009, has grown to become one of the most reliable & trusted partners of Digital Transformation for 150+ enterprise brands across verticals like Banking & Fin-Tech, Auto, Telecom, and CPG. With its new business unit –, the founders are eyeing global expansion within the Commerce vertical with its Enterprise SaaS offering. aims at becoming retailer’s operating system for user acquisition, retention & monetization. At its core, the platform gathers & mines billions of data points to build product catalog intelligence, user personas and dynamics of retail economics. This system intelligence is combined with technology automation on OnlineSales platform that now hosts connected apps across marketing, user experience and data technologies – all on a single platform.

“ aims to provide 10x better experience to retailers in their pursuit towards acquisition & retention marketing while improving its business margins overall. We aim to democratize data technology & business analytics for the retailers globally,” said Ashish Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder.

Launched as an experimental pilot in 2016 with 4 team members, today the platform serves 250+ retailers on its platform and has 70 people team focusing on bringing this product vision to reality.

“Data & Tech convergence is the future. And when this the convergence is further specialized by a vertical; it is not only relevant but also extremely powerful. plays at the convergence point of marketing technology, retail experience technology & data science – enabling retailers to monetize their business – smartly & scalably,” said Kaushik Paranjape, CTO & Co-Founder

Visit for more information, or follow their journey on Twitter ( @ ) OnlineSalesAI dot Contact: Vamsi Ponada, Manager – Business, USA & EU, OnlineSales dot ai, +1 (646) 244 8610, vamsi ( @ ) onlinesales dot ai (US+EU) or debalina ( @ ) onlinesales dot ai (APAC)

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Emerald Promotions Sold and Merges with International Marketing Corporation

Friday, June 16th, 2017

(1888 PressRelease) Merger Allows International Marketing Corporation Expansion of premium marketing services to Companies in the US.

New York, NY – Today the International Marketing Corporation(IMC), a German based Global Marketing Company with affiliates in 3 countries, announced that it has finalized the agreement to buy all shares of Emerald Promotions and The Emerald Group of companies for an undisclosed amount.

This multi company buy out and merger, includes all intellectual properties, the strategic marketing and market research divisions owned by Emerald. “The idea of expanding our multi cultural division and breaking new ground in the United States makes perfect sense. This deal was a long time in the making. We followed Emerald ‘s successful career for a few years and was impressed with their work model and the creative approach to strategic marketing. We also worked with the Emerald Promotions group on a few international projects. The accolades from our international office and from other corporations who have worked with Emerald Promotions, makes this a winning situation for all those involved. We expect our international customers to benefit from the expanded services” stated David Smith, VP of Operations at IMC.

The Emerald Group of companies originally started in 2001 by three friends and college class mates. The Strategic Marketing Department was spearheaded by Karyn Joyner, one of the youngest recipients of the International Pinnacle Awards. The company quickly became “ghost marketers” for many top corporate brands by creating award winning marketing strategies and retail promotions. Ms Joyner left as a partner in 2015 to pursue her passion in technology. She was replaced by Mr. M.T. Wilson who will remain with the newly merged company. “Its bitter sweet but we believe this expansion is a great move and we look forward to continued success with IMC.” The New York office will relocate to Washington, DC.

For more information email MarceloAdori ( @ ) gmail dot com

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Small Business Payroll: Deposit Federal Income Tax Is Easy with ezPayCheck Software

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

(1888 PressRelease) released a new guide for small businesses who need to pay federal income tax deposit monthly or quarterly. Please visit for details and trial download.

Richmond-Petersburg, VA – With ezPaycheck 2017 payroll software from, small businesses can issue each paycheck accurately and on time. Per requests from customers, a new YouTube video is published to help employers pay IRS also. Employers who need to deposit federal income tax monthly or quarterly can follow the guide step by step and make payment using EFTPS site.

“ezPaycheck payroll software from saves small businesses time by making is easy to pay employers and pay IRS.” explains Dr. Ge, President and Founder of

EzPaycheck business payroll software is an innovative and inexpensive application catering to to small and midsize business owners new to payroll processing. The graphical interface allows Human Resources and business owners to print paychecks as well as W2, W3, 940, 941 forms all within one software application.

Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy can go online to and download the payroll software. The download includes the full version of the paycheck software along with a sample database. The sample database allows new customers to try all of ezPaycheck’s unique features, including the intuitive graphical interface.

Small Businesses are always looking for ways to save money on payroll processing and tax reporting. Customers can try out this new ezPaycheck payroll solution for 30 days at

The main features include:

- Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and Employer Unemployment Taxes

- Includes built-in tax tables for all 50 states and the District of Columbia

- Prints tax forms 940, 941, W2 and W3

- Supports unlimited accounts at no additional charge

- Supports network for multiple offices or computers

- Offers no cost live chat, email, and remote access for customer support

- Supports daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay periods

To learn more on how to streamline the business for less with ezPaycheck payroll 2017 visit

About is a leading provider of small business software, including payroll software, employee attendance tracking software, accounting software, check printing software, W2, software, 1099 software, and ezACH direct deposit software. Software from is trusted by thousands of customers and will help small business owners simplify their payroll processing and business management.

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MVC Resources announce latest promotion at the firm’s head office

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

1888 PressRelease – MVC Resources have today announced that Sandra Hernandez has been appointed to lead the firm’s Administrative team.

Miss Hernandez has been with MVC Resources for 4 years, where she was already part of the administrative team, but has now been chosen to lead the department.

“Sandra’s progression through the ranks here at MVC has been truly meteoric. To grow from general administrative duties to leading the team in less than 5 years is hugely impressive. With Sandra at the helm of our admin team, I look forward to many years of seamless administrative efficiency to help support every other aspect of our business,” said Jonathan Groves, Head of Human Resources for MVC.

Ms Hernandez also made a statement, “I am very excited to be offered this opportunity to lead MVC Resources’ administration team and I look forward to starting my tenure later this year. I have some great ideas that I feel will help streamline the way we do admin tasks here and, with the help of my team, will start to implement those ideas over the coming months.”

Ms Hernandez will start her new role on Monday 1st May 2017.

MVC Resources, Av. Apoquindo 4700, Piso 11 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Call us on +56 225952957 or email us on info ( @ ) mvcresources dot com dot

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OneTouchPoint Hires Pam Sievers as Chief Operating Officer

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

(1888 PressRelease) Sievers brings her years of experience improving productivity and profitability to OTP.

Milwaukee-Waukesha, WI – OneTouchPoint, a leader in marketing services and technology driven print, announces the appointment of Pam Sievers to Chief Operating Officer. Pam’s leadership will include the operational management for all OneTouchPoint locations.

OneTouchPoint CEO Chris Illman, states, “Pam adds tremendous strength to our team. As we continue to grow our client base in the healthcare, insurance and financial sectors – total quality management and productivity are fundamental to our continued success. Pam’s Lean Six Sigma experience and leadership skills support our commitment to quality and ongoing focus on reducing time to delivery.”

In her new role, Pam brings over 20 year of industry experience and a strong track record of improving profitability and performance. In her most recent position as Vice President of Operations she managed 10 operational facilities for RR Donnelley, delivering growth while executing new global SaaS initiatives.

Sievers notes, “As our clients deal with increasingly complex demands around privacy, security, and data – it is imperative that our operations continue to leverage technologies and innovation to meet market needs.” As COO, I’m excited to join a company that is committed to being best-in-class and relentlessly focuses on total quality management.”

About OneTouchPoint
At OneTouchPoint, we make every touch point matter. We’re a single source marketing services and technology driven print provider helping businesses deliver 1:1 communication through print, digital, online and social channels. Utilizing U.Connect, a proprietary marketing automation and fulfillment tool, OTP delivers solutions that improve operational efficiency and help companies grow revenue. With $150 million in revenues and offices in 5 states, we help thousands of clients design and deliver communication across touch points. For more information, please visit or call (262) 369-6000.

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